Terms & Conditions Preferred Guest Loyalty Program

The Preferred Guest Loyalty Program aims to provide its members with the benefits described below.

1. Membership Conditions

Joining this loyalty program is free of charge and the guest receives a membership card, in physical support, with the member’s name and a code that associates the card to the holder. The membership card is nominative and strictly personal. It cannot be sold, borrowed or given away and is not considered a payment method. Each member can only hold a single loyalty card.

The card may only be used by its holder, partner and children over 18 years old.

It is mandatory to have an individual email address valid to join the program. Joining the Program constitutes acceptance of electronic communications related to the operation and the services offered (informational messages, promotions, events, etc.).If the member, at any time, wishes to cease to receive the program inherent information, may request his exclusion. The members of this loyalty program accept the modification of the program terms, in whole or in part at any time. Amendments which may substantially change the rights and obligations of members, will be communicated to the members within a reasonable time before entering in force.

Any participation in the programme after its implementation, expresses its acceptance by the member.

2. Membership Card

Card number must be provided by reservations department, when requesting a booking, in order to benefit from the discounts offered by the program. Member must present the card upon check-in. In case of loss or theft, member must inform DDBC immediately and request a new card.

3. Member Responsibilities

The infraction of the program conditions by a member, the abusive and fraudulent card usage, the forgery of the information given, as well as any harmful or reprehensible behaviour (such as inconvenient, malicious or insulting to Resort staff or clients) may imply, by exclusive decision of Dunas Douradas Beach Club, the temporary suspension or termination of the program membership without prior notice or compensation. This Confidential and Protected by Professional Secrecy Right of use reserved exclusively to Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA Version – 20/09/2022 suspension or termination will occur without the possibility of action by the member against Dunas Douradas Beach Club.

4. Program Benefits

Opportunity to get discounts in accommodation that can go from 7% to 10%, subject to the season of the year;

Possibility of special offers upon arrival;

Access to specific promotions exclusively for members;

Discounts on resort services, when applicable.

5. Suspension or Termination Conditions and Procedures

Suspension by Member Initiative

The member may decide, at any moment, to terminate the membership by sending a request by email to rentals@ddbc.pt or by registered letter to Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico SA, Sítio do Garrão, Apartado 3164, 8135-170, Almancil, Portugal.

Suspension or Termination by Dunas Douradas Beach Club Initiative

Any usage of the Membership card contrary to the program conditions may lead to:

• Temporary suspension of membership for a period defined by DDBC;

• Termination of the membership, which means, immediate cancellation of the card and its advantages, namely discounts on reservations made, possibility of special offers, access to specific promotions and discounts on services of the Resort, without the possibility of claiming a compensation by the concerned member, in any way.

Suspension Effects

During suspension period the member is not entitled to use the benefits mentioned in clause number 4 of the present document. During the suspension period or, at the latest, at the end of the suspension, period DDBC will decide:

• To eliminate the suspension, and member can benefit again from the advantages and services offered;


• To terminate the membership of the Program in accordance with the condition of this document;

Termination Effects

In all cases the termination of membership implies the complete withdrawal of the Loyalty Program and the definitive end of any advantage offered by DDBC. Confidential and Protected by Professional Secrecy Right of use reserved exclusively to Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA Version – 20/09/2023

6. Program Communications

Members may be informed about their membership (including applicable discounts on reservations, as well as current promotions), at any time, by contacting Dunas Douradas Beach Club by e-mail at rentals@ddbc.pt.
Any member who has joined the Program agrees to receive commercial electronic communications by e-mail. If member wishes to stop receiving these communications may, at any time, follow the link the bottom of the email and “Unsubscribe”, without any consequences for your membership. Any changes that may affect the contact with the member such as e-mail address, name or any other information, must be made by contacting Dunas Douradas Beach Club via e-mail at rentals@ddbc.pt or by registered mail to Dunas Douradas Beach Club Aldeamento Turístico SA, Sítio do Garrão, Apartado 3164, 8135-170, Almancil, Portugal.

7. Personal Data Protection

Any personal data collected under this Program is handled by Dunas Douradas Beach Club, whose registered office is at Sitio do Garrão, 8135-170, Almancil, Portugal. By joining the program, members understand and agree with our Privacy Policy available at the following link: https://www.ddbc.pt/en/privacy-policy/

8. Acceptance of the Program’s General Conditions, Dispute Resolutions and Applicable Law

The subscription of this program implies the acceptance of the general conditions inherent to the program. To settle disputes arising out of this program, the parties agree that the member may use conciliation procedure or any other alternative way of settling disputes, in accordance with the Portuguese Law. The General Conditions of the Program Usage are ruled by Portuguese law.