SCRP Policy

1. Introduction

Corporate sustainability consists of the ability of a company to manage its activity in order to create long-term value and, at the same time, create social and environmental benefits for those with whom it relates, namely with customers, suppliers, workers and other stakeholders, contributing, in this way, for an increasingly just and egalitarian society.

The Sustainability Policy of an organization consists of the main guidelines of its activity, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being, with the added value for the brand that this balance represents.

This document presents the sustainability and social responsibility policy of Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA, which was defined on the basis of the rules that govern all the companies of the Group to which it belongs, reflected in its Code of Ethics that, in turn, meets the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

This policy covers the areas of Environment, Work, Safety and Security, Relations with Suppliers and Corruption and makes known the principles on which the company bases its performance in the relationship with third parties in each of them.

i. Declaration of performance in accordance with applicable legal standards

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico SA respects international conventions and regulations, as well as national legislation applicable to the sector in which it operates.

ii. Particular areas of the Social and Corporate Responsibility Policy

A – Nature, environment and local surroundings

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA values the preservation of the environment as elements of strategic management, sharing the values of the Group in which it is part – long-term vision, responsibility, sustainability and minimization of environmental impacts and on the local community.

In this context, it defined an environmental policy that is based on continuous improvement and essentially covers areas such as monitoring and progressive reduction of electricity and water consumption, waste separation, reuse of resources, awareness of employees and customers, through environmental education, for the theme of sustainability, the expansion of management and the environment to the value chain, namely to suppliers and the encouragement of local commerce, with a view to reducing transport and packaging chains while contributing to the development economy of the surrounding area.

This policy is subject to continuous audit and review to ensure that the principles defined therein comply with environmental sustainability priorities at any given time.

B. Human Resources Policy

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA promotes an open corporate culture, understanding that freedom of thought is a precondition for the motivation, confidence and security of its employees, so that all employees are free to raise with their superior any issue they deem relevant in their employment relationship.

Most of the employees are recruited in the area where the company develops its activity, thus promoting that the salaries earned are invested in the local economy.

All employees receive written information, contained in the respective employment contract, about working conditions, hours and remuneration, as well as about the company’s policies included in its internal regulations and in the Code of Conduct, delivered at the time of hiring.

The company practices a salary policy that is guided by justice, not paying any of its employees less than what is provided for by law or collective regulation instrument for the respective functions.

No form of harassment or discrimination based on sex, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political conviction is practiced or tolerated within the organization. The company is committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination, providing all its workers with the same career opportunities.
The rights that are recognized to workers, organizational freedom and collective bargaining are respected.

Internationally recognized human rights are respected, and no violation of such rights is practiced or admitted.

The company is against all forms of forced labour and child labour, neither practicing nor admitting it in its establishments.
The company promotes a balance between personal and working life, being tolerant and flexible in adjusting schedules that best serve the family needs of workers and respecting all rights inherent to special statutes (student worker, parenting…).

C. Health and safety at Work

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA, takes the health and safety of its workers in the workplace as an essential vector for the development of its activity.

The company listens to workers and provides them with the necessary conditions for the work to be carried out in adequate safety conditions and in order to protect their physical integrity, and employees must report any violation of these principles that they are aware of in their workplace.

The company provides health insurance to all its employees, in order to ensure that they have access to the best medical and medication care.

D. Relationship with suppliers and fair trade

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico SA strives to present its guests with top quality products, if possible, purchased locally and always fair trade, repudiating any act of commercial exploitation.

On equal terms, it gives preference to local producers or suppliers, which contributes to the well-being of the community in which it operates, shortens transport chains and reduces the impact of supply on the environment.

E. Anti-Corruption Policy

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA does not tolerate any act of corruption in its business relationships. In this context, it will never offer, provide, accept or receive, directly or indirectly, any amounts or other illegitimate benefits with a view to obtaining a commercial gain for itself or for third parties.

Dunas Douradas, 21st November 2021

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