Environment Policy

Dunas Douradas Beach Club, Aldeamento Turístico, SA, as the operator of the Aldeamento Turístico Dunas Douradas Beach Club, recognizes in the preservation of the Environment an evident strategic management value and, in this context, adopts an Environmental Policy that is governed by the following guidelines:

– Comply with applicable environmental legislation;

– Adopt procedures and acquire equipment that allow monitoring and the progressive and sustained reduction of electricity and water consumption;

– Ensure the correct separation of waste and its forwarding to collection sites, also taking measures to gradually reduce the quantities produced;

– Adopt reuse or other practices that allow reducing waste;

– Intervene consistently with its employees, through training or other initiatives, in order to raise their awareness of the issue of environmental sustainability and the importance of adopting ecologically responsible behaviours;

– Sensitize its customers to environmental education actions;

– Extend the management and improvement of environmental performance to the value chain, namely by including environmental/sustainability criteria in the selection of suppliers;

– Encouraging local development, purchasing products and services from suppliers/providers in the area, in order to reduce the environmental impact inherent to travel and packaging and also contributing to the region’s economic and social growth;

– Regularly assess the environmental impact of its activity and promote continuous improvement in environmental performance processes and practices.

This policy is subject to periodic monitoring and review, in order to ensure compliance of the principles defined therein with the priorities in terms of environmental protection at any given time.

Dunas Douradas, 21st November 2021

The Management